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Category: Vision version 2

  1. Vision version 2.0006 released

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    A free upgrade is available for all Vision v2 users. V2.0006 is for both Windows & Mac. It contains:

    New Covid Repertory - from Jeremy Sherr
    New AIDS Repertory - from Jeremy Sherr
    Keynotes for Bach Flower Remedies

    Above are provided free of charge and included in every v2.0006 upgrade.

    Complete Repertory 2023 edition is also supported by this version of Vision. Once you have upgraded to v2.0006 you can purchase a new copy of Complete or upgrade your current copy of Complete to this new edition. 

    Features in v2.0006
    1. NEW:  A new 'quick search' of an entire repertory is available

    2. NEW 'Rule-Out' feature when repertorising 

    3. NEW: You can now add your own images and videos to any rubric in any repertory. 

    4 NEW: When using the Remedy Compare feature you can now click to obtain a chart showing the leading chapters found when you are working with a single remedy (click 'Chapter Distribution' icon on toolbar). 

    5. NEW: In the Remedies tab on the main Vision screen there is a new icon underneath the list of remedies that allows you to quickly see all the 'families' in the Vision database. This can help you read and learn about all the families. 

    6. FIXED: Minor corrections to Murphy's Repertory (adding in a few missing remedies) 

    7. FIXED: Restored the cross reference symbol in Complete Repertory after searching all reps and then browsing Complete 

    8. FIXED: On the Vision clipboard if your Vision is set to display 'no remedies', toggling the remedies on and off with the Spacebar key now correctly re-sizes the window

    To read more about this free upgrade and to download please click below:-

  2. Vision v2.0005 released

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    An upgrade is available for all Vision v2 users. V2.0005 is for both Windows & Mac. 

    This is a free upgrade for v2 users. It contains Knerr's Repertory (new) and a revised Boericke Repertory as well as new features and many improvements. New resources are available to buy with this upgrade, namely: Complete Repertory 2021 and Vermeulen Books.

    This upgrade does not apply to Vision version 1 users. 

    To read about this upgrade and to download please click below:-


  3. Vision version 2

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    A brand new version of the Vision software is available. Version 2 is available for Windows and Mac computers.

    Vision v2 has been re-engineered to take advantage of recent developments in both Windows and macOS whilst retaining the same overall 'look and feel' (to make transition from version 1 easy for existing users)  

    To watch videos and read about the improvements made in Vision v2 click here.

    We ran an anonymous survey of our advance user team and asked for their opinion on Vision version 2 - here are some results:

    "I think it has improved Vision massively , it is such an intuitive fantastic programme. Lots of features have made it quicker and easier to access extra information."

    "This is a significant enhancement to Vision. It has all the familiar features known to us so that the new features feel intuitive. It's smooth-acting and visually pleasing. The new word-processing tools feel natural. Of great benefit is the interface with the patient database."

    "Amazing piece of technology - the only software needed in clinic...."

    "Vision v2 is a definite improvement on the original Vision software with a new fresh look and enhanced feature"

    "A pleasing and satisfying refreshment."
    "The surface and all functions are much more user-friendly, easy to navigate between different functions, eye-friendly design easily to adapt to one's needs and preferences, very useful for practicioners of new strategies in homoeopathy (Scholten, Sankaran)."

    "Love it and am using it with success. It works faster than the older version."

    "I think, it is a real improvement"