Vision version 2 Tutorials for Mac

Choose to watch any video below to help your understanding of Vision, Some videos are specific to your operating system i.e. Windows or Mac while most are general and apply equally to either system. At times the video may display as either Mac or Windows when the features are highly similar (with only minor interface differences). So feel free to watch any video!  

Your First Case

Can't wait to get started? This video will show you how get started with your cases by opening a repertory, finding rubrics, repertorising them and saving the case to your computer for future reference.

Start here if you are new to Vision!

The Interface

The Resource Tree

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Repertories & Repertorisation

To learn more about browsing and searching the repertories and then repertorising click here


See how to find and work with remedies. 

Materia Medica

Reading and searching materia medica in your Vision system is important. Find out how.

Everything else

Watch how to take backups, add your own notes, edit rubrics, add new information, and how to print and copy charts to other software.