Akiva is the best software for finding homeopathic remedies in acute situations; offering a sophisticated, in-depth, question and answer  consultation for 70 common conditions.

The Akiva interface is bright, colorful and easy to use. Akiva works with both Windows and Mac.

You can use Akiva to find the leading homeopathic remedies in acute situations. Akiva quickly helps you find the best single homeopathic remedy needed in a wide range of acute ailments - no need to consider homeopathic combination remedies! Now you can use single remedies (the best form of homeopathy to use) with confidence. Thousands of professional homeopaths all over the world already use Akiva in their practice as it is a great timesaver!

You can choose from a list of 70 conditions commonly encountered at home.


Akiva will then ask you a series of detailed questions to help personalise the recommendations (the essence of homeopathic prescribing).


Once all the questions have been asked the leading 5 homeopathic remedies are displayed – and you can then choose the one you want to use by reading the information provided about each remedy on the screen.

You can choose several conditions for each consultation (e.g. Headache, Vomiting and Anxiety) and can even see a chart of the analysis that Akiva performs so you can see all the details for yourself!


70 ailments can be consulted and Akiva contains a database of over 100 remedies. In addition to advice on which remedies to consider, Akiva also gives other useful recommendations regarding herbs, nutrition, and first aid advice when appropriate.




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Akiva was designed by David Witko FSHom (Hon) DiHom, a homeopath who has been developing software for the homeopathic community since 1980. David designed and created the ISIS and Cara software systems in use by thousands of professional homeopaths and doctors all over the world.

Akiva is available for Windows and Mac and can be purchased online by credit/debit card.

Got a previous version of Akiva?
Akiva now runs on Windows and Mac! (if you have moved to a Mac you can now run your Akiva natively under OSX)

9 new Conditions have been added :
Activity..Reaction to Illness, Anger, Anxiety, Asthma, Bronchitis, Corns, Grief, Sciatica, Tinnitus

Multiple conditions can be selected and analysed at one time (e.g. choose Headache and then Vomiting and see 1 set of results for both)

A repertorisation chart is now displayed
at the end of a consultation (so you can easily see which questions the recommended remedies are in). This chart can also be printed for future reference

The same loved Akiva interface but with a refreshed, modern appearance. Still simple and easy to use!

Easy online purchase and activation
. A Product key will be emailed to you and software activation is via the internet (no need to contact Miccant unless desired).

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