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Vision version 2.0007 released

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Another free upgrade is available for all Vision v2 users. V2.0007 is for both Windows & Mac. It contains:

Keyboard Shortcuts
For those who like to use the keys to make things happen more quickly we have added lots of key shortcuts for you to use. You can read about these shortcuts once you have updated to v2.0007 by clicking the Help menu in Vision and then selecting Keyboard shortcuts.

Repertorisation Chart
We have made lots of improvements to the repertorisation chart

Automatic saving of your settings
If you change the settings on your chart, for example, the Analysis type, Order, or Filters, Vision will remember these and automatically set them up for you the next time you start Vision.

Show only number of rubrics
It is now possible to suppress the display of boxes denoting Kingdom Colours and Remedy Grade Totals. This is provided for those users who wish to focus solely on the number of rubrics each remedy covers in the case without the distraction of other coloured boxes. You can access and set these in the Preferences option for the Chart. Here is an example from MacVision:

New Blend feature
Vision can now remember your favourite settings in the Chart. All you need do is make the changes to your favourite settings and click the Save Blend button the toolbar of the Chart. Thereafter, if you make any amendments to those settings and want to quickly go back to your regular, favourite settings just click the Restore Blend button. Here is a screenshot from WinVision:

All of the keys on your keyboard now control the display of the Chart in the way you would expect. You can use the arrow keys to scroll Left and Right through the remedies and Up and Down the list of rubrics. The End and Home buttons take you instantly to very first or last remedy in the Chart.

Improved way of finding a remedy on the Chart
In Windows you can now start typing letters to make Vision jump to the first remedy that matches what you are loking for. If you were looking for Sepia somewhere in your Chart just quickly type SEP and press the Enter key to make Vision jump to it.

In Mac you must firstly use the keyboard combo of Ctrl+R and then type as described above.

This is a much quicker way of finding remedies compared to the previous method (find remedy in the chart toolbar) or scrolling through the entire list.

Version 2.0007 will be automatically updated on Windows systems (if you give permission of course). Mac users will need to download v2.0007 from here