Meditative Repertory

Contemporary Repertory of Meditative Provings


by Paula Leszczuk and Karan Main

Meditative Pack
The Contemporary Meditative Repertory is part of the Meditative Pack available for use with Vision. This pack comprises 2 volumes of provings materia medica collated and authored by Madeline Evans and also the Contemporary Repertory of the provings/materia medica.

About the Meditative Remedies and Materia Medica Volumes
All of these remedies were proved by meditation circles. The leader of a circle knew what the source of the remedy was. Initially all participants understood the purpose of the meditation was done for the group’s own spiritual healing and intuitive development. As the provings progressed and as people started to hear about them and other homeopaths started to use them, the provings started to be conducted 'blind'.

At the time none of the participants realised that these new remedies would become as widely known and used as they have become. They did not keep the records that tell us when the provings changed from a known to an unknown remedy. But what was evident was that for most provers, knowing or not knowing the remedy made no difference at all, whilst for others, and one in particular, there was a difference in the nature and quality of the information on the remedy.

The remedies presented have been drawn solely from provings and do not include anything intuited by individuals outside the parameters of the provings. No extrapolations have been included as to states, conditions or diseases the remedy might treat based on the proving symptoms. In the materia medica I have deliberately included spiritual teachings related to the remedy pictures as reading the remedies is in itself a constant reminder of our spiritual selves.” Madeline Evans

Contemporary Repertory

medcontemprepThe repertory is contained in entirety. You can choose to work exclusively with this repertory which is very nicely presented in a modern appealing design or you can integrate its use alongside all the other repertories in your Vision system. 

Unlike other repertories the style of this repertory is unique in that the proving expressions have not been broken into individual word parts : the full expressions have been preserved as rubrics. The style of the repertory is therefore similar to that of Knerr’s Repertory of Hering’s Guiding Symptoms.

This repertory contains chapters seldom found in a repertory before; with headings such as Astrological, Breasts [much more user-friendly than Mammae], Environment, Esoteric/Exoteric, Pelvis, Sensations As If, Puberty, Toxicity and Miasms, as well as the expected: Mind, Generals and so on. Arms and Legs replace Extremities, and Diseases and Conditions are grouped together in one chapter instead of leaving us groping amongst the Generals.

"Many many thanks for the repertory. It is wonderful, a real timely asset to our prescribing of new remedies. A wonderfully dedicated, well presented and beautifully illustrated. I am very impressed with this book. It certainly presents all that I could have wished for in a repertory when I first set out on the adventure of meditative provings many years ago. The work and dedication put into this should be an inspiration to us all. May all who use this work be blessed with much insight and healing" Janice Micallef

"What a tome! What dedication you both have had to spend three years at it. What immediately strikes me is the clarity of the type setting, the ease with which one can find one's way about and the unfussiness of the whole enterprise. It is refreshingly unpretensious." Colin Griffith

"The rubrics are written in modern English and have been neither interpreted nor translated from the provings. Having sentences [rubrics] that read as we speak, instead of the usual inverted rubric form, makes easy reading and clear comprehension. There are many cross-references to facilitate one's search." Jenni Tree

Remedies Included in the Materia Medica


Gems, Crystals

Amethyst, Ametrine, Chalcancite, Emerald, Jade, Jet, Moldavite, Moonstone, Peridot, Phantom quartz, Obsidian, Rhodocrosite, Rose quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tiger’s Eye

Caesium, Clay, Natrum flouratum, Plutonium, Selenite, Slate, Spectrolite, Strontium

Flowers and Trees
Almond, Apple tree, Ash, Ayahusaca, Banyan Tree, Bay leaf, Bog asphodel, Brown rice, Buddleja, Chestnut Red, Chestnut White, Conium, Copper beech, Cotton, Forget-me-not, Frankincense, Goldfish, Hazel, Himalayan Blue Poppy, Holly, Holly Berry, Hornbeam, Kigelia, Lotus, Mimosa, Nettle, Oak, Okoubaka, Olive, Rose (pink), Sandalwood, Sea Holly, Sea Salt, Sequoia, Silver birch, Snowdrop, Strawberry, Sycamore seed, Viscum album, Willow, Wych-elm

Animals and Insects
Butterfly (Red Admiral), Earthworm, Silverfish,

Lac humanum, Medorrihinum, Thymus gland

Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Yellow

Other energies
Berlin Wall, Chalice Well Water, Ether, Milky Way Galaxy, Stonehenge

These are remedies which will be increasingly needed but they are already found to work well in the treatment of physical and emotional dis-ease in anyone. The provings bring to the forefront the spiritual potential of Homeopathy and give to practitioners and patients who are ready and willing to work at this level the possibility of using homeopathy as a tool for spiritual advancement. Many of the old remedies do not have this aspect as they were needed at a time when the level of humanity's development was different. However many of the old remedies also work at this higher level when needed, especially when given in combination with the new remedies

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