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Category: Vision Installation and Backups

  1. Moving Vision to a new computer

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    There are several steps in order to use Vision on a new computer. You must follow this procedure. There is no other way. You cannot manually copy Vision from one computer to another. Vision must always be downloaded and installed on a new computer. (** if your computer crashed and the hard disk was changed or re-formatted these instructions also apply **).

    Please follow these steps in the order presented below.

    Backup any Vision patient data files

    If your computer crashed and you have lost access to Vision then you will need to locate your last successful backup file and jump to the next step. If you did not previously take a backup and have lost access to Vision then you will have lost your patient data files entirely.

    To take a backup of any Vision patient data files:

    1. Start Vision.
    2. Click the File menu option Backup/Restore
    3. Click on each of the options under Backup – with exception of ‘Configuration Files’. Your screen should look like this:


    4. Decide where you are going to save your Vision data files to. Will it be to a USB stick that you plan to use on your new computer? Will you save to the Cloud e.g. OneDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox etc?

    5. Once you have decided click the Backup button and then select the destination so that Vision knows where you want the backup file saved. Safely secure your Vision backup data file which will be a ZIP file.

    Deactivate your Product Key

    On this website you should deactivate the key yourself. Here is a link:

    Download and Install Vision on your new computer

    Download the correct version for your Vision system from our website. Here is a link:

    Once the Vision installer file has downloaded start installation by clicking on the file. Each web browser is different so you need to work out how to do that for yourself. On Chrome it is a simple click on the file name bottom left corner of the screen.

    The installer always recommends the folder c:vision2 to install Vision into and we strongly recommend you stay with this. If you do need to change it make a careful note of which disk and folder you use.

    Run Vision and activate your key

    Once installation is complete close down your web browser and a new Vision icon will now be displayed on your Desktop. Double click to start Vison for the first time on your new computer.

    Vision will display an opening screen and tell you Vision is not activated. Click the Activate button and on the next screen insert your Product Key. Take care to ensure that if you see I in your Key it should be a capital I not the letter L or the Number 1

    Restore your Vision Backup

    Once Vision is activated you can click the Continue button and Vision start.

    1. Click the File menu option Backup/Restore
    2. Click on each of the options under Restore– with exception of ‘Configuration Files’. Your screen should look like this:


    3. Locate your Backup file (on USB stick or the Cloud) and ready that for use.
    4. Click the Restore button and tell Vision where your backup file is located. All your backup data will be restored into this copy of Vision

    Check for Updates

    Now you have Vision v2.0000 up and running you need to check for updates. On the same Download page you used previously:

    there is a button for you to access any upgrades. Here is a shortcut link to the latest upgrade for Vision v2:

    Use this to download and install any upgrades that are available. Make sure that you install all upgrades into the same folder you used when installing Vision initially. The installer recommends c:vision2 and we strongly recommend you stay with this.

    Once all upgrades have been downloaded and installed you are now ready to use Vision again!

    Note that installing upgrades does not require you to activate Vision again.

  2. Moving your Vision data between computers - Vision Backup and Restore

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    Should you need to move your data to a new computer please use this procedure as a guide.

    Make sure you take a Backup of all your Vision data. You should be doing this regularly anyway (to protect against computer failure) but it is always good to take a final backup!

    To take a Backup : with Vision started, click the File menu, and choose item Backup/Restore. You will see this screen:


    In the top half of the screen you can see that everything is ‘ticked on’. Vision provides the flexibility to backup specific items even if you haven’t used all areas of Vision. Normally you would leave all items ‘ticked on’ for maximum safety.

    Should you be upgrading from Vision v1 to Vision v2 there is one item you may not want to backup. This is the item marked 'Configuration Files'. These configuration files contain your colour settings and preferences. When upgrading it is best if you do not overwrite the defaults with settings from Vision v1. We suggest you manually change the settings in Vision v2 when upgrading from Vision v1. So switch this item off.   

    When you click the Backup button Windows will ask where you want to save your backup file. We suggest you save the file in a location you can easily find later – the Desktop is always a good choice! Or your Cloud folder if you secure your files on the cloud.


    Once Windows has saved your backup file then you need to safely copy this file to your new computer. You could use a USB memory stick for example. You would copy the backup file just saved onto your computer and then copy that file to your USB memory stick.

    Some prefer to backup all of their Vision data online in the cloud with a service like Microsoft’s Onedrive, Google Drive, Apple Cloud Drive or Dropbox.  If you use this kind of service simply copy the Vision backup file to your cloud upload folder and let that service take care of it for you.

    Once you have the backup file copied to a USB memory stick or it has been uploaded/downloaded to/from the cloud then go to your new computer, start Vision, click the File menu and choose the Backup/Restore item once again.

    This time click the Restore button leaving all items ‘ticked on’, select your Vision backup file and let Vision restore all of your data for you. You may receive informative messages while this is happening and it may take a while for Vision to restore everything for you if you have lots of data to restore

    Once it is all finished you will be ready to use Vision on your new computer with all of your data!