Use a ‘families’ based approach to homeopathic case analysis

Ever had one of those cases that you can’t get to grips with?  Having trouble finding a remedy that covers the case well? A Families based approach to case analysis can be used to clarify the case.

What if you really want to use a Families oriented approach but don't know how to? Now you can let the innovative 'Guided Analysis' inside Families gently lead you towards the most indicated families and even remedy.

When traditional methods do not help, analysing a case by plant, mineral and animal families can open up your case and reveal indicated remedies. If you are new to using a families approach use this software to guide you from the case to the leading families and remedies.

Watch David introducing this new approach to case analysis:

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About Families


The Families software prompts you to select appropriate themes, words and expressions in your case and then analyses these for you showing the leading families. This allows you to focus on what is really important and then use your own experience and judgement to make a final selection of remedy. Even if you have never used a families based approach before, you will be able to using this software!

Some practitioners use the same methodology for each patient and others choose the methodology to suit the patient.

  • Learn how to analyse a case using a families approach and select appropriate themes and expressions

  • Improve your knowledge of the themes of the leading families and how to differentiate them

  • Quickly and easily identify which families are uppermost in a case by using a ‘Guided’ case analysis approach or simply input your patient’s language!

  • Improve your results by using an additional tool in situations where more conventional approaches are not helpful - or use Families as a tool to confirm your own analysis


Uses a guided approach to case analysis or lets you type in words and expressions free-form

The 'Guided-Approach' prompts you to ask yourself these very important questions:
  • What are the deep seated PROBLEMS that need to be addressed?
  • How does the client perceive their own SITUATION?
  • How do they FEEL about the situation they find themselves in?
  • How do they REACT to their issues (what conditions and illnesses do they have and how do they react)


Compare the leading families across all kingdoms


Analyse your cases and see the leading families


Analyse the Miasms in your case


See the most indicated remedies for the leading families in the case


Remedy information is provided and also keynotes (if ISIS system installed)


Other highlights:

  • Create and save case notes for future reference
  • Click on any family to see detailed information and to see the associated remedies
  • Information provided on over 100 homeopathic families

Upgrading from a previous version of Families?

All charts and graphs have been enhanced in Families v3 to make them easier to understand and clearer to read

New Guided approach to case analysis prompts you to interpret your cases in a structured way (using a Problems, Perceptions, Feelings and Reactions approach)

The traditional ‘free form’ case input approach has also been enhanced by allowing you to see and search through the whole database of words and expressions

Analysis has been re-focused on detecting leading families

A streamlined, more informative interface has been introduced with detailed data on each family presented on screen. Information on each family is now fully displayed on screen allowing you to learn and differentiate between the leading families

Over 100 families are individually detailed and their thematic themes and source words listed - a one-stop reference! All families data has been updated and enhanced by referencing recent publications by leading authors. Many new families have been added (see below)

Remedy information now also supplied. A quick display of Keynotes is also provided if you have the Vision system installed

Remedies analysis has been enhanced by providing 3 different ways to view results

New Families have been added (compared to previous version of software)

  • Grasses (Poaceae, Graminae)

  • Carniverous plants (Nepenthales)

  • Bivalvia, Gastropods & Cephalopods

  • Turtles & Tortoises

  • Crocodiles & Alligators

  • Lizards, Snakes & Dinosaurs

  • Butterflies, Bees, Aphids, Cockroaches, Beetles, Flies, Fleas.

  • Gems