Vision version 2 is now available!

Videos below are from the Windows version. There are minor diffences between Windows and Mac versions. Please read the documents below for specific information and screenshots. 

Fresh Display, New Features

Vision 2 Interface

Even more beautiful. Clearer displays. Easier to use.  

Modern Icons

Toolbars have been improved throughout. All icons have been updated to make them clearer to understand and use. Resource tree has been widened making books easier to read.

Enhanced Appearance

Brand new icons allow to you quickly control how your screen displays. One-click access ensures Vision displays exactly how you like it.

Display Themes

Change the whole appearance of Vision with just a click. Select from 11 themes. Choose the one that suits your mood.

Repertorisation Chart

Improve your case analysis.

New charts.
          Better filters.
                     More information.   

Toolbar For Easy Access

Access information more quickly with a new toolbar of icons.

Kingdom Colour Boxes

See at a glance how prominently each kingdom is represented in the analysis.

Visionary Chart

See the leading families in the case at a glance with this new chart.

Families & Periodic Filters

More families added. Improved filtering of remedies based on the Periodic table.

More Features

Quickly remove rubrics from the case. Replace a rubric using a cross-reference to another and instantly see the new analysis. (requires Complete Repertory 2020). Drag any rubric to open the repertory at that position.

Miasmatic Chart

Check how well each miasm is represented in the case with this new chart.

Better searching

Drop down help. Improved searching.

Get help and suggestions as you type in search words. Refine your materia medica searches. Search by author to see all additions they contributed to the repertory . 


Drop downs

Suggestions displayed as you type in words to search the repertories and materia medicas.  Helps with spelling and finding matches. 

Materia Medica Refinements

Tell Vision to limit the search results for words you type in.


Search the whole repertory or any chapter to display all additions made by an author.


Immediate access to thousands of remedies

Explore Families and Kingdoms as your browse remedies. Listen to lectures more easily. Add your own information using new word processor. Insert your own images, charts, audios and videos into any remedy.



Quicker Access

Jump down the tree of remedies more quickly. See those remedies that have audio lectures with just  a click. Add your own information for any remedy.

Keynotes and Relationships

More keynotes added. Full word processor integrated so you can more easily type or copy in your own information. 

Families & Kingdoms

Easy access to information about many families and kingdoms for remedies. Many botanical and taxanomical improvements made to remedy classifications.

Improved materia medicas

Full control over display of books.

Control your display. Zoom in and out of text books to suit your display and vision.  View beautiful images and charts exactly as the author intended. (certain books only)


Zoom In And Out

Use the slider bar for quick and easy re-sizing of text 

Change Font And Text

Retain formatting as supplied or change all text books to a font and size that appeals to you. 

See images and graphics

Where an author has supplied books containing photographs and/or charts these are beautifully reproduced. .

Unlimited case notes & records

Store all your patient information with no limits

In-built word processor enables unlimited case notes for every consulation. Include photographs and images for each case. 



Unlimited Patients & Visits

Administer all of your clinic's patient information.

Word processor to type in notes

Enter unlimited case notes for every patient visit with full word processor features. 

Add photographs

Include patient images as part of each visit's notes

Add information and reference it easily

All new My Notes feature

Add unlimited books and chapters. Add unlimited text and graphics for any subject. Word search your notes alongside materia medicas. Link to your notes when considering remedies. 

Add books and chapters

Create an unlimited number of books and an unlimited number of chapters for each book.

Include images and charts

Use the in-built word processor for text. Type or paste in your text. Insert images into any note. No limits on amount. 

Search and link to your notes

When searching materia medica see matches in your notes. When linking from any remedy see all the notes you included for that remedy.


Greater control

Improved toolbar and icons for ease of use. Set any clipboard as a master clipboard and double click to add rubric(s).



Set master clipboards

When adding rubrics into your case double click to go directly to the master clipboard(s). 

Improved icons

Refreshed toolbar with modern icons to make working with rubrics easier 

Resource tree gives greater control

New Status Bar

One click access to control apperance of screen. Save time and make Vision display the way you like it.

Order books

Quick access to change the order of repertories and materia medicas on the tree.

Screen appearance

One click access to control the display of repertories, materia medicas and remedies. 

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