Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most often asked questions we receive.
Please read through to see if they resolve your query. If not scroll down to Request Support. 

1. How do I make Vision work on my new computer?
Please click to read this article on our website: Moving Vision

2. For any of these scenarios:-

  • I cannot activate my Product Key
  • I want to check the status of my Product Key
  • I forgot to deactivate my Product Key when I changed computers.
  • After a hardware change I need to activate my Product Key again and I cannot

If you need to activate your product key and cannot activate because it is already activated, then you need to deactivate your previous use. Click here to check the status and/or deactivate the product key for yourself.

You will require your Product Key in order to do this. This key was sent to you by email when you originally purchased. Please check your records and locate the key.

3. If you need to download any product click here

4. My new computer has Windows 10S on it and will not install Vision, Akiva, Familes.

Windows 10S is a version of Windows that only allows you to install and run software from the Microsoft Store. As all of our software is downloaded from this website not the Microsoft Store you will need to disable the 'S' part and turn it into full Windows 10. Here is a link from Microsoft:

Disabling Windows 10 S

There is no charge to do this but you cannot revert back to 'S mode' after you have done this

VISION for Windows FAQ

Windows 11
Vision version 2 works with Windows 11.

Vision version 1 when used with a Product Key works with Windows 11 but is not supported by Miccant i.e. if you experience any issues running Version 1 with Windows 11 we are unable to assist. If you try to use version 1 with a Hardware Dongle unpredictable things may occur. It may run or it may not depending on the age of your dongle. We are unable to suppport using a dongle with Windows 11. 

I have purchased a new computer - how do I install and transfer my Vision software onto it?
On your previous computer take a Backup of any data you have created within Vision that you need to transfer over. (start Vision, click File, click Backup)

Deactivate your Product Key on the old computer (start Vision, click the Help menu, click Deactivate Software License). This will free up the key to be used on your new computer.

Both versions of Vision are now available online for download. There is no requirement to use a DVD or USB. Go to the Downloads page of our website and download the version of Vision that you own (either version 1 or 2). Take care not to confuse which version of Vision you need!

Once you have installed Vision on your new computer and re-activated your Product key (or inserted your Dongle) then you should perform a Restore of your previously backed up data so that it is available to Vision. Click Articles as there is a post you will find helpful.

Vision asks me to activate - but when I put my key in, it says my key is in use. What do I do?
I forgot to deactivate the Product Key on my old computer and now I cannot use Vision on my new computer. What do I do?
I have had to re-format my computer and I did not de-activate the Product key for Vision. Now it will not start. What do I do? 

You can manually deactivate your Vision product key (see top of this page for link). Then go to the Downloads page of our website to download and install Vision on your new computer.

I want to run Vision on another computer. 
To transfer Vision from one computer to another, either temporarily or permanently then you must firstly de-activate your current computer's use of Vision. Do this by starting Vision and clicking the Help menu. Then click the item 'Deactivate Vision license on this computer'. You can then install Vision on another computer and use your Product Key to activate this new computer. Do the reverse procedure when you wish to switch back.

A Vision Product Key does not allow Vision to actively run on 2 computers at the same time unless you purchase an additional activation for your key. If you wish to do this click here to visit our Shop.

Vision for Mac FAQ
Version 2 runs on Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina and Mojave. High Sierra is no longer supported by Apple and Vision version 2 will no longer run with it. Version 1 was supported for use only with High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina.

As High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina will not be supported by Apple after end 2022 all Mac users are encouraged to update their MacOS and Vision to version 2 to keep Vision running. 

On modern Macs you will need to give permission to Vision to access your hard disk and also your Documents folder. Check your 'System Preferences' for any alerts and allow 'Full Disk Access' if required. 

Vision version 2 requires the installation of special software called Rosetta (2) in order to run. Rosetta is Apple software so please allow your Mac to install and enable this software when prompted.

Dark Mode
If you recently installed MacVision and cannot see your repertories and books and the screen looks peculiar this may be because your Mac is set to display in 'Dark Mode'. To stay in Dark Mode you will need to change the display colours in Vision using either the Themes or Preferences icon on the main Vision toolbar. We do, however, recommend you change to 'Light Mode' when running Vision if you can. You can change this by opening System Preferences and clicking 'General'. 

Vision v1 FAQ

My Vision version 1 was working but now it suddenly says it is not activated and it cannot connect to the server
Changes to your Windows or Mac operating system can cause issues with this older version of Vision. We strongly urge you to consider purchasing an upgrade to Vision version 2 to keep your Vision running smoothy. Here is a link for version 2.

If you wish to stay with Vision version 1 then you need to upgrade to the latest (and last) upgrade. Here is a link to our Download page. Use this to download Vision version 1. Scroll all the way down until you see the download button for Vision version 1.

I re-installed Vision version 1 but it won't recognise my Dongle - it is asking for a Product Key instead
If you are sure the dongle is not damaged then this usually means the dongle software is out of date, missing or did not install correctly. Please go to the Downloads page of our website, click Vision and then scroll down and download the most recent Dongle Software. Make sure to install this dongle software into the same folder as you installed Vision into. If this does not resolve your problem then it is time to consider upgrading to Vision version 2 and discarding the dongle.

I am a Vision v1 user and have an installer DVD but my new computer does not have a DVD drive - what can I do?
You no longer need to use a DVD to install. You can download the last release of Vision v1 on the Download page of this website.  

I am a Vision v1 user and have lost or broken my hardware dongle. Also : Windows 10 has suddenly stopped recognising my dongle. What can I do?
The easiest solution is to purchase an upgrade from version 1 to version 2 of Vision. If you purchase an upgrade to Vision version 2 this includes a Product Key to replace your dongle. Hardware dongles are very old and it is getting harder for them to be supported by Windows 10. 

If you wish to stay with version 1 then you can purchase a Product Key to replace your dongle without upgrading Vision. To understand the differences between using a dongle or a prodict key please click here. Miccant no longer supplies replacement dongles. You must purchase a Product Key to replace your old dongle. If you have lost your dongle and cannot return it to us then the cost to replace is higher than if you return the dongle to us for exchange. 

After re-installing Vision version 1 some books I had previously are missing
Please go back to the Downloads page and click the button to download and install the 'Supplemental Books for Vision' 

Note : Akiva uses a different Product Key to Vision. Akiva and Vision are separate software and are unconnected. Do not use your Vision Product Key to try and activate Akiva. You must locate and use the Akiva product key emailed to you when you originally purchased.

Akiva v2 runs on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

I have a very old version 1 of Akiva - how do I install this onto my new computer?
Old versions of Akiva will no longer run with any recent versions of Windows. You can purchase an upgrade to the current version by clicking here

My Akiva has stopped working and says it 'cannot connect the server'
Please download and install the most up to date version of Akiva for your computer - especially if you are running Windows. Click here to visit the downloads page for Akiva.

If your product key is being rejected or it says Akiva is already activated then please click Request Support and we will reset your Product Key for you. You must tell us your Product Key in your request. 

I purchased a new computer - how can I transfer/install Akiva v2 on it?
Recent versions of Akiva provide a De-activation button on the opening screen. So you should click that to de-activate the Akiva product key on your old computer. This will de-activate Akiva on your old computer and allow you to activate on your new computer. Then go to the Downloads page of our website to download and install Akiva on your new computer. There are download links for both the Windows and Mac versions of Akiva. 

You can manually deactivate your Families product key yourself (see top of this page for link). Then go to the Downloads page of our website to download and install Akiva on your new computer.


Families has stopped working. 
Please update your Families software to the most recent version, v3.01, to resolve this issue. Click here to visit the downloads page for Families.

When I click the Analyse button I do not see any graphs and charts and see an error message.

This is because an essential Microsoft software has not been installed correctly on your computer or has been corrupted or lost. This software is installed automatically whenever you install Families - but occasionally things can go wrong. To install this software open your Windows File Explorer and navigate to the folder you installed Families into on you hard disk. Open this folder and look down the list of files until you find one named MSCHART. Double-click this to install that software and the problem wil be resolved.

How can I transfer Families from 1 computer to another?

Firstly deactivate your Families product key (see top of this page for link). Then go to the Downloads page of our website to download and install Families on your new computer.

Still need help?

If none of the above resolved your query please click the button below to request support from us. Note: Support is no longer available for Vision version 1.