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344 volumes of materia medica for use with Vision. You can quickly search for words across this entire library of original source books and/or browse the texts as written. This is an essential collection of classics that you will use constantly.
An easy to understand synopsis of the 500 leading remedies that helps you grasp the 'picture' of each remedy. The go-to book that summarises the picture and essence of the most common remedies.
11 volumes of classic materia medica for use with Vision. This is a great starter set of classic books for quick look up about remedies.
141 volumes of materia medica for use with Vision
Murphy's Materia Medica for Vision
Jain Pack of Materia Medica
Concordant Reference contains information on 1209 remedies. Building on the original source information each remedy has been updated significantly with modern knowledge about families and botany. This is an indispensable reference work you need in Vision
Prisma (original edition) for Vision v2 from Frans Vermeulen. Contains a huge amount of information on 500 remedies including the leading symptoms, zoology, folklore, physics, distribution, mythology and any relation to doctrine of signatures.
Frans Vermeulen's Fungi. Learn all about the remedies in the Fungi kingdom.
Frans Vermeulen's Monera. Learn all about the Bacteria (inc. Bowel Nosodes) & Virus remedies. For Vision v2 only.
Jeremy Sherr's Provings for Vision
Add the Contemporary Repertory and Meditative Provings to your Vision system
25 volumes of contemporary materia medica
65 volumes of contemporary materia medica for use with Vision
40 volumes of Homeopathic Links magazines for your Vision system
4 works from Ajit Kulkarni including the renowned Select Materia Medica
Sankaran's Soul, Spirit, Substance and Provings for Vision (4 volumes)
Sankaran's Sensation, Insights and Schema for Vision (4 volumes)
Add Scholten's Minerals and Elements books to your Vision (2 volumes)
Add Scholten's Lanthanides and Wadstories books to your Vision (3 volumes)