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Technical support of Vision version 1 will be discontinued on April 1st 2023

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Development of Vision version 1 was discontinued in 2020 when it was superceded by Vision version 2.

On April 1st 2023 all technical support for Vision version 1 will be discontinued. You will still be able to download and activate your old Vision version 1 system using our website. You will be able to access all the FAQ’s on our website – but you will not be able to receive personalized support from us by email or phone.

It is important to note that nothing will stop working if it is currently working on your computer. However recent technical developments on Windows and Mac are making it difficult for version 1 to continue running and you may start to experience increasing difficulties as time passes. Older dongle versions will no longer work at all.

Windows 7 support was discontinued in 2020 and Windows 8 has not been supported by Microsoft since 2016. Microsoft has stopped full support for Windows 8.1 and will stop all support in 2023. Microsoft is continually updating Windows 10 and has now released Windows 11.

 As a consequence of these continued changes all versions of Vision older than 2017 (specifically versions before v1.0035) may experience problems starting up. This started to be reported to us in January 2022 (no doubt due to an upgrade to Windows). Users who have updated their old version 1 system to v1.0035 may not yet be experiencing any issues (however it is possible that problems may arise in the near future). If you have not updated your Vision version 1 and your Windows system is set to update then Vision may stop running at some point.

 It is therefore sensible to consider updating your Vision to version 2. This is the currently maintained, developed and updated version. Version 1 is no longer maintained and no further upgrades to Version 1 will be released. Vision version 2 is not only technically up to date, but also brings you valuable new 'homeopathic' improvements. In addition, all customers who upgrade to Version 2 receive Knerr's Repertory in the English original and also Sherr's AIDS and Covid repertories. You can also choose to purchase additional repertories and books that are available only for version 2.

To see improvements made in Vision version 2 click here:

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