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Rule-Out feature when repertorising

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A new feature in Vision v2.0006 is 'Rule-Out'.

What is it?

This new feature allows you to specify that a rubric or rubrics should be used to rule out or remove the remedies in the marked rubrics from the repertorisation.

If you are familiar with the Elimination approach in Vision then you know that in the rep chart this only displays remedies that are contained in the rubric(s) marked as Eliminating. If a remedy is not contained in those rubric(s) they are disregarded. Think of Rule-Out as the opposite of Eliminative. Any remedies included in a rubric marked as Rule-Out are removed from the repertorisation.

Why might you use it?

If you see a patient who is always very Hot, you can take into your repertorisation select the opposite (polar) Cold rubric. If you mark this rubric as a ‘Rule-Out’ rubric and analyse in this way Vision will remove all ‘cold’ remedies from the chart.

With this technique you improve selection of remedies by removing all definitely ‘cold’ remedies. You see, many remedies are not clearly defined as "Hot" or "Cold". Many are not defined at all. Many are defined as both Hot and Cold. This way you can make sure you are focusing on all remedies that are definitely not Cold.

Other examples could be: 

Rule out ‘Talkative’ remedies if you see a Quiet, taciturn person
Rule out ‘Cowardly’ remedies if you see a Strong, assertive person
Rule out ‘Thirstless’ remedies if you see a Thirsty person

Rule out ‘Sudden onset’ if you a person whose problems have developed Slowly

There are many other potential rule out rubrics you could use such as:

Sides (Left, Right)

and so on.

How to use it

Place your rubrics on the clipboard as usual. Select and mark any rubric to be used to rule out remedies using the the Rule-Out button as shown below:


Click Repertorise and in this example you will see remedies such as Sil, Ars & Phos as the leaders in the case. Now simply click ‘Rule Out’ in the toolbar to remove/rule out all remedies that are angry as our patient is most definitely not an angry person.

After clicking Rule-Out’ the repertorisation is re-displayed removing all angry remedies. Now you can see the leaders have become Kali-c, Cuprum, Lobelia and Euphrasia. (Note the rule out rubrics remedies are blanked out on the chart but the rubric is retained as part of the case so you can continue re-repertorising trying other methods)