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Knerr's Repertory

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This repertory was released with Vision version 2.0005. It is provided freely to all Vision version 2 users.

The full name of this work is : "Repertory Of Hering's Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia Medica" by Calvin Knerr.

As the name implies this repertory is derived from the provings compiled by Hering along with practical results observed in many cases. Knerr worked as an assistant to Hering himself, married one of Herings daughters and had direct experience of all of his work. In fact, Knerr himself eventually completed and published Herings Guiding Sympytoms.

Remedies are assigned 4 grades in this repertory:

1. The symptom has been occasionally confirmed 

2. Has been repeatedly confirmed but if it has only been confirmed once that was seen to be in keeping with the overall character of the remedy

3. Denotes it has been seen as part of a verified cured case

4. Repeatedly verified and seen in practice