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Covid19 and Homeopathy - Additional Information #2 April 21st 2020

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More information regarding Coronavirus

There has been a flood of information provided by the homeopathic profession over the past few weeks. In this article I have attempted to condense the information into a format that is more easily 'digestible'.

The information presented here has all been given freely for me to share. I cannot endorse or recommend any information and I am simply passing this information on to you for further research.

Miranda Castro (USA)
Has presented a chart of remedies
Dr Ajit Kulkarni (India)
Below is a link to an in-depth article by Ajit. I encourage you to also read the contributed questions and comments at the end of that article.

Ajit suggests Arsenicum album as the 'Genus Epidemicus' for prophylaxis. In his words "There is a tussle between Arsenic album and Sulphur. My mind is also thinking of Carbolic acid and Hippozaeninum as both covering the range from cold to severe pneumonia and septic shock. But yet as GE, I suggest ARSENICUM ALBUM as a homeopathic prophylactic remedy for the COVID-19 outbreak."

Whatever remedy is given for an actual infection, he suggests giving it in 1M potency frequently, every 3 - 4 hours, or when at a critical stage every 15 minutes.  

He also suggests a Treatment Plan :-


Here is a link to the full article:

Isaac Golden (Australia)

Isaac is renowned in the field of prevention of illness and offers an essay based on his own findings and also his experiences on visits to Cuba. In addition to the prophylactics widely suggested by others, Isaac makes his own suggestion based on complexes. Here is a quote:

"given that there is some uncertainty regarding the Nosode and that there are many suggested GE remedies, if I was preparing a combination remedy it would look something like the following:  Influenzinum triple nosode M + Pneumococcinum M + Bacillinum M + Arsenicum Album 200 + Justicia Adhatoda 200 + Gelsemium 200 + Bryonia 200 + Antimonium Tartaricum 200."

Here is a link to the full article:

I am compiling and condensing further information and will release it as soon as possible.

As said previously above I cannot endorse or recommend any information provided and I am simply passing this information on to you for further research.

David Witko



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