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QRep - 2020 version 4

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Jeremy Sherr's latest v4 2020 update to his QRep is available for Vision v2. This edition of QRep is available as an option to purchase with v2 of Vision. It cannot be added to Vision v1 - it can only be purchased for use with Vision v2.

QRep edition 4 adds:

  • 4 new Qualities
  • Many refinements and enhancements to the remedies in existing qualities

4 new qualities

Rather than spending a lot of time searching the repertories for all the rubrics you need these qualities allow you to quickly select a quality that encompasses all remedies associated. A huge time saver that also makes sure you never miss a remedy through rubric selection!  These are the new qualities added in version 4:

Closed People
Reserved, introverted or reclusive persons with suppressed feelings or aversion to or inability to share feeelings or opinions. 

Duty, Responsibility
All issues connected to increased, decreased, desire for or aversion to a sense of duty or responsibility

For use when any of these neurological disorders are pronounced.

Spatial Disorientation
Where there are issues connected with innacurate judgement of size or distance and sense of direction and orientation.

Enhancements to existing qualities

Many adjustments and refinements to the grades of remedies in all existing qualities have been made.

Lanthanides and Noble Gasses have been throughly upgraded and many new remedies are now included for the first time.

Jeremy has paid particular attention to making sure those remedies listed as Primary Remedies are highly accurate. These remedies will definitely cover the aspects of the quality - even if they are a relatively 'small' remedy. 

As a reminder here are the remedy grades in Vision and the meanings:

4 points - Green, Caps, Underlined - Primary remedies. Remedies that have this quality as a major and essential characteristic.

3 points - Red, Caps -  Potential candidate for Primary remedies - Currently classed as experimental for Primary grade - but definitely having the quality as an important issue in their pathogenesis - hence high grading.

2 points - Blue, Italic - Remedies definitely belonging to the quality.

1 point - Black, Regular - Experimental. Remedies which currently have only a minor symptom of this quality and are not yet confirmed.

Here is Jeremy's suggestion for getting the best use of QRep:

"The Q-Rep is not a substitute to the existing repertories, but a compliment to them.
To get the best results from this repertory, I suggest that you use a few qualities that are essential and major themes of the case. You can then use the Qualities you see in the case in conjunction with rubrics or affinities from other repertories.

Here are a couple of examples:

Money + Home qualities combined with ‘Lung inflammation of’ from another repertory
Low self esteem + Water qualities with ‘Headache pulsating’ from another repertory

You will be amazed to see how, when using a few rubrics with 200 or 300 remedies, the result quickly boils down to only 20 or 30 remedies which are then easy to chose from by combining with a conventional repertorisation or from your understanding of the case.

Of course you can use these Qualities in any sequence or combination you want, e.g. if you wish perform a repertorisation from another repertory first and then supplement with one or more Mental Qualities.

Remember : Use the Minimum Rubrics of Maximum Quality"

Add QRep to your Vision software

QRep is a repertory you can purchase to use with your Vision software. If you are a user of a prior version of QRep the author offers an upgrade - see our Shop under Upgrades for the cost and to order.

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