Covid-19 and Homeopathy 4th April 2020

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Additional information regarding Coronavirus

The findings, suggestions and observations listed below are extracted from various sources freely given to me. I cannot endorse or recommend any and I am simply passing this information on to you for further research.

There is quite of lot of information in this email so please excuse the length! Most of it is from Jeremy Sherr who is working with a large network of homeopaths who are actively working with real Covid-19 cases and patients. I have spoken to Jeremy and he is happy for this information to be shared with you.
Robin Murphy 
suggests Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) as a preventative tonic to help boost the immune system (note: not as a treatment once infected). This can be taken as a Tea, Wine, Lemonade drink or Tincture). The studies on Elderberry that show its benefits have only been observed in healthy persons.

He also refers us to books on Pneumonia from classical homeopaths such as Borland, Nash and Pulford which may prove useful. (these books are contained in your Vision system if you purchased the Rhodium Library with your software)

Remedies for SARS may also prove helpful (as Covid-19 is more accurately referred to as SARS-CoV-02) :

acon, ars, ars-i, bac, bapt, bell, blatta, bry, camph, carb-v, carbn-s, caust, dulc, eup-per, gels, influ, ip, kali-c, lach, laur, lyc, merc, op, oscillo, phos, pneu, pyrog, samb, sang, seneg, spong, tub, tub-a, verat, verat-v.

Those of you who are Vision maestros could consider adding this as a new rubric into your system for easy reference!

Robin also presented this slide of Pneumonia rx to bear in mind:

ARHF recommends the following protocols:

Herbal Prevention - Astragalus (or any combination that contains this). Optimal if this can be combined with Echinacea,  Vitamin C and Zinc.
Other herbal suggestions are :  Reishi mushroom, Colloidal Silver, Thyme.

Homeopathic suggestions based on observed symptoms :
Justica adhatoda 3x (or 3d) once daily 10 drops in a teaspoonful of water
Arsenicum album 30c
BryoniaLycopodiumPhosphorusGelsemium and Eupatorium perfoliatum (ordered in likelihood of being needed)

A new digital resonance has been created and is freely available for use:

Jeremy Sherr
Cases continue to be submitted to Jeremy for analysis. Now that New York has seen a huge increase many homeopaths are seeing real Covid-19 cases and using remedies to help. As I write this email over 200 cases have already been recorded and analysed and a database of over 350 unique symptoms recorded. All of these symptoms are being qualified and the number of patients showing each symptom counted - this is already highlighting the common symptoms and also, most importantly, those symptoms which we call SRP symptoms that are occurring in substantial numbers of patients. It is the SRP rubrics that really help us focus in on the required remedy.

The cases received from homeopaths 'in the field' indicates remedies are working. When correct remedies are found, homeopaths are reporting that they seem to be stopping the virus in its tracks or are reducing the severity of symptoms by 30% (i.e. the patient still goes through the illness and recovery but with reduced severity).  These patients are recovering but not in a 'spectacular' way. This makes Jeremy think there are still better remedies to find than the standard ones we are currently giving. The ideal response to a remedy is that they wake up the next day and everything is very much better! An initial small amelioration followed by aggravation is a bad sign. 

Before I share information on remedies here are a few pointers from Jeremy:

  • At the first sign of any possible infection try ACON in a high potency. May do nothing but may stop it in its tracks.
  • Repeat your remedy often. This is not a time for one dose and wait.
  • Unless you get a 'spectacular' response you will need to use several remedies as the situation changes. Don't be slow or afraid to change if the case changes.
  • Give low potencies for the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions or serious pathology. Go high in the young and (previously) healthy.

Here are some slides and comments from Jeremy's webinars. The three observed stages are shown here along with the leading rx for each stage: 3



Some observations received from New York. Good results when symptoms clear. Camphor is failing even in collapse. Some patients 'stalling'. Re-inforces to Jeremy that different (better) remedies still need to be found. 


Observations about remedies from Jeremy:

Ant-tart is proving helpful in many cases. The sense of 'drowning' is a big SRP in many cases requiring it. Loss of taste and smell also leads to Ant-tart.

Possibly the 'sensation' of the pandemic is this - 'Too full! Must expel forcefully'

The rx Croto-tig can give immediate relief. This is the best kind of reaction! (Although we know this as a remedy for diarrhea and the bowels, it is the 'explosiveness' of the rx and the relation to this forceful expulsion even from the lungs that leads to its consideration - DW) This may be one of the remedies that proves to be invaluable in this pandemic although it is to soon to be certain.

One SRP that has been observed is that sometimes the mucus in the lungs is like 'honey'. When patients lie down they can feel it almost 'trickling down' inside the lungs just as honey would. Sticky and trickling. This leads Jeremy to the remedy Ars-i. When repertorising the most commonly seen symptoms of Covid-19 we see Ars and Iod near the top of the chart and so these two substances together in ars-i seem ideal!  This SRP is also a good indication:


Another smaller remedy that shows very promising signs of being one of these 'spectacular' remedies is SPIG. It has the SRP's relating to 'needles, stabbing eyeballs', 'pressure skull' and 'spear-like pains'.  It is too early to confirm but shows great promise when these SRP's are present.


The final rx to remind ourselves of is our old friend KALI-BI which is proving useful. We see patients are better at night but they wake up in the morning drowning in mucus. (c/f ant-tart of course). Also they are seen to have the loss of taste and smell. > lying down is very unusual when there is a lot of mucus in the lungs and leads to this remedy!

Jeremy has also identified the most commonly occurring symptoms for this pandemic. As you may need to reference these rubrics regularly in any cases you see, I have taken his rubrics and created a Vision case file of them. Then, when I have a new case, I can open up this case of common rubrics and all of the potential rubrics have already been selected and are on clipboard 1. No need to search and find them again in the repertories. All I need to do is drag those common rubrics presenting in the case onto clipboard 2 - and also add any new rubrics for the current case onto clipboard 2 and repertorise together.

Should be a good time saver! If you want a copy of this case email [email protected] and request it. I can provide the case file so you can use it in your own Vision system. Here are the common rubrics identified by Jeremy:


I hope this information has proven to be of interest to you. We continue to be grateful to these homeopaths for freely sharing their findings with the community

Kind Regards from David Witko and the team at Miccant Homeopathic Software.


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    Fantastic writing on the subject. Learned so much from it. www.,

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  2. Kamaljit singh

    Sir, I have going through all the observations on Covid 19 and made a blog with Homeopathic remedies and find Phos and Ant-t a major game changer. It is requested to go through the blog where i have made my observations.

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  3. daniel

    Dear Sir: Some homeopathy remedies can partially alleviate but with the true remedy the disease disappears. I think that remedy is Laurocerasus Best Regard

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  4. Julia Peters

    A really useful article, so pleased you?ve sent it to me. My husband and I are elderly now and this is a comfort. I?ll stock up on the remedies mentioned that I don?t have. Much appreciated.

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    Sir, thanks for sharing such articles.Besides your wonderful slection, I want to share my experience in such cases--- before the last stage comes in, but the pt. feels suffocation, sudden choking,--- Sambucus Nig Q, Iberis Q, AspidospermaQ,(repeating 1-2 hrs); Ars.Alb.30; Ant.Tart.30; Lachesis 0/1,0/2. After improvement,Bacill.200,/1M, one dose weekly.

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  6. Siobhan

    Thank you so much David, I heard both Jeremy and Robin, but this really helps as collation

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  7. Tracy

    I was watching a video on Homeopathy Plus this morning where a leading doctor in New York was saying how he does not think this a respiratory virus and that the only thing he could liken it to was the level of oxygen in the blood as seen by mountain climbers. They mentioned Coca as a remedy of interest. I am not a homeopath but an interested observer of the homeopaths final choices. Hoping you all get the answers for the world.

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    Great summary! May all be blessed with a full recovery. Thanks!

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    Brilliant, im forwarding to friends and family, many people these days have friends and family abroad, im sending to Australia and India. PLEASE could you not abrieviate names of the remedies or the word remedy. Or any acronym could you write in full. Thanks

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  11. Steven Mullerheim

    This is a great public service that you are performing. I hope no oneof my acquaintance presents with the COVID19 rubrics, but should this aris, your analysis and suggestions will be invaluable. It would be gereat if we could this info to MD physicians who do not currently practice homeopathy, and get the m a crash course in homeopathic practice, so that they might be both more effective in dealing with this pandemic, and new exemplars what is possible with this neglected alternative.

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    Consider lachesis also in neumonia

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    Thank you so very much for all this information. May it protect and save many many lives. God bless Homeopathy

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