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QRep 2016 Edition

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Jeremy Sherr's latest edition to his QRep is available with Vision. Here is a video you can watch to learn more:

If you prefer to read....

QRep edition 2 adds:

  • 5 new Qualities
  • Newly proven remedies added to database
  • Enhancements to existing qualities

The New Qualities

Big Ego
Excessive selfishness, pride, vanity, self-importance, over emphasis on bodily appearance (sign of ego).

Birds and Flying
Any fears, dreams, delusions related to birds and flying. Also applies to fear of flying.

Fear Disease
Overanxiety about health issues or disease in themselves or others. Hypochondriacs.

Phobias, fear, dreams about insects. Also love and sympathy towards insects.

Critical, fault finders, nit-pickers in others and also themselves. Social media trolls and judemental people.

Newly proven remedies added to all of QRep

Lots of new remedies have been added into QRep. Here is a list:

Colibri Hummingbird   -   African Grey Parrot   -   Red Kite   -   Egg of the Blue Peafowl   -  White Stork (feather only)   -   White Stork (feather and blood)   -   Mallard   -   Indian Spotted Eagle - Tangerine  -   Acacia Strap flower Mistletoe   -   Rocky Mountain Columbine   -   Lepidolite    -   Blue Tang Fish   -   Black Panther   -   Queen Bee   -   Nest of the Common Wasp   -  Shrill Carder Bee   -  German wasp   -   Cat Flea   -   Stag Beetle   -   Crab Louse   -   Black Fly   -   Blue Emperor Butterfly.

Each has been carefuly curated by Jeremy and his team

Enhancements to existing qualities

Adjustments to the grades of remedies in existing qualities has been made. Newly proven remedies added to existing qualities.

QRep is a repertory you can purchase to use with your Vision software. Please watch the vidoe above for a full presentation and also guidance on how to use alongside other repertories within Vision.

David Witko Fellow Society of Homeopaths UK  (Hon)