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Akiva - when there's no time to repertorise!

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What to do when the phone rings and there's no time to repertorise an acute? Turn to Akiva!

Originally created for the non-professional I have found that as Akiva has grown, many homeopathic practitioners use the system on a regular basis. The number of Conditions it offers recommendations for has grown to over 70! The number of remedies used in the analysis is now over 100.

The level of detail involved in each acute consultation allows you to truly individualise your acute prescription. Go beyond routine and automatic prescribing (e.g. Arsenicum for suspected food poisoning) and quickly enter your patients unique symptoms and reactions to find the exact remedy they need.

Let me show you how it works.....this is the screen you see when Akiva first starts


To get started quickly simply click on the Acute Consultation image. 
Now you can see an alphabetical list of all the conditions that Akiva can help with:


Before it does anything at all Akiva displays appropriate information related to the selected condition. This may be simple first-aid advice where appropriate or guidance in more serious situations. When you are ready to start the consultation click the Continue button.


Akiva will then start the consultation asking you a series of carefully chosen questions that will help determine the most indicated remedies.


You are asked to answer Yes if you are sure the patient suffers from this. You can also choose to answer Don't Know or a definite No for each question Akiva asks.

There are a variable number of questions asked as part of the consultation for each condition. You must answer each so that Akiva can build up a picture of the case and start finding the most indicated remedies. Homeopathic practitioners will appreciate the depth and quality of the questions asked!

When all questions have been answered Akiva will ask if you wish to add another condition to the analysis. This is because the patient may very well be suffering with several conditions, for example  Cough with Hoarseness. When you have answered questions for all Conditions then Akiva will analyse all the responses and display the top 5 most indicated remedies:


If one remedy is prominent then Akiva will highlight it with the words Strongly Indicated (as you can see above). You can also choose to view an Analysis Chart so that you can examine responses to each question to go deeper into the case (if you wish). This is how the Chart is displayed:


To see information about any remedy click the button with the remedy's name on it and you will see helpful information and confirmatory data. I suggest you check all of the remedies displayed as they each have relevance to the case. Use your knowledge and experience to make the final choice. 


Akiva has proven to be very useful to even the most experienced practitioner. You can rely on Akiva to help you work an acute case quickly and thoroughly.

To purchase Akiva click here:

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  1. Miccant Support

    If you have been using Akiva for a long time then the current version is probably newer. Akiva v2 was released in 2014 and superseded the original Akiva.

    Posted on

  2. Dr. Eli Topper (Ph.D. N.D.)

    Is the Akiva you offer different from my Akiva (that I have years in my computer ?

    Posted on

  3. mrs cox

    How does the license work when replacing an old computer please? Response: Simply email us at [email protected] to advise us. We will de-activate the previous use which allows you to re-activate on your new computer

    Posted on

  4. Miccant

    Each copy of Akiva is licensed for 1 PC only. So you would need to purchase a 2nd license to use Akiva on your 2nd computer.

    Posted on

  5. Ramesh Mamdani

    Hello would I be able to have the software on my home and work pc. thank you

    Posted on

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