Vision v2 for Windows

Vision v2 is only available for those who purchased a new Vision system or an upgrade to Vision v2 after 01.09.2020. (if you purchased your Vision system before this date please scroll down for Vision v1).

System requirements:

  • Windows version 10 or Windows version 8.1.
    Although Vision v2 will run on Windows 7 (if you have the Service Pack 1 installed) Microsoft have now deprecated Windows 7. We are therefore unable to support Vision v2 on Windows 7 SP1 or resolve any issues you may encounter. Vision v2 will not run on Windows 7 (original) and Windows 8.0.
  • This product requires internet access to be activated and then occasional internet access to verify license validity.
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.
  • 8Gb of free hard disk space.

We recommend (although this is not a requirement) that your computer has 8GB of RAM for good performance.

Vision v2 - Downloading and installing

Vision v2 is a large download (approx 2Gb) and will take between1 and 1.5 hours to download depending on the speed of your internet connection . Once downloaded simply double click to begin installation. Vision v2 will install into a new folder on your hard disk and will not overwrite or replace previous versions of Vision. 

You will require a Product Key with Vision 2 enabled (use of a dongle is not supported). After installation and activation you may run the Vision Restore feature to copy over any data previously created.

Click either Download button to start. At certain busy times and based on your geographical location the main download link may be slower than you would like.  Please try the alternate link below.

Vision v1 for Windows

If you are trying to upgrade a previous v1 system be advised that installing this download will overwrite any previous data. Take care to secure your data and cases using the Vision Backup feature before continuing. 

You may use this download to install a new copy of Vision v1 or to upgrade any prior version.  All previously released upgrades have been 'rolled-up' and included in this download. 

This is a large download (approx 1.5Gb) and will take approximately 1 hour to download (depending on the speed of your internet connection).

Vision v1 - Installing and running

This download is the final release of Vision v1 (April 2019) and is numbered v1.0035. No further upgrades to this version will become available and no new repertories and materia medicas will be added into Vision v1.. Vision v1 can be installed and used with versions 7, 8 & 10 of Windows. Either a dongle or product key configured for Vision v1 is required.

Any missing books?

If you have any missing repertories or materia medicas after installing version 1 please also download the installer below and add these into your Vision v1 system - making sure you install into exactly the same folder as you installed Vision v1 into.

Dongle Not Being Recognised?

Your dongle may be damaged. If you purchase an upgrade to Vision version 2 a Product Key will be provided to replace your dongle. Click below to upgrade. If you are sure your dongle is not damaged and you do not wish to upgrade to Vision version 2 then you can download and install the latest dongle driver software below.

Vision v2 for Mac

Vision version 2 is still being prepared and is not yet available for Mac computers. Additional changes are required so that MacVision is ready for the new 'Big Sur' upgrade Apple are soon to release.

Vison v1 for Mac

Click below to download the version of MacVision appropriate to your version of macOS


Need Support?

For help downloading, installing or using Vision please create a support ticket. The first time you click the Open Ticket button below please also click 'Sign Up' in the top right corner and verify your email before logging in to create a new ticket

See all changes made in Vision v2

To read about and watch short videos of all the changes made please click the button below.