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These books are only intended for use with Vision version 2 (Windows and Mac). If you are currently running Vision version 1 you must purchase an update to version 2 and then purchase any book below. 

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<!-- 010 -->Vermeulen Concordant Reference

Vermeulen Concordant Reference - £80.00

Frans Vermeulen's Concordant. For Vision v2 only. Concordant Reference contains information on 1209 remedies. Each remedy has been updated significantly with modern knowledge about families and botany.

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<!-- 011 -->Vermeulen Synoptic Reference

Vermeulen Synoptic Reference - £75.00

Frans Vermeulen's Synoptic Reference. An easy to understand synopsis of the 500 leading remedies that helps you grasp the 'picture' of each remedy. For Vision v2 only.

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<!-- 012 -->Vermeulen Prisma

Vermeulen Prisma - £65.00

Prisma (original edition) for Vision v2 from Frans Vermeulen. Contains a huge amount of information on 500 remedies including the leading symptoms, zoology, folklore, physics, distribution, mythology and any relation to doctrine of signatures.

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<!-- 013 -->Vermeulen Fungi

Vermeulen Fungi - £50.00

Frans Vermeulen's Fungi. Learn all about the remedies in the Fungi kingdom.

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<!-- 015 -->Vermeulen Monera (Bacteria & Viruses)

Vermeulen Monera (Bacteria & Viruses) - £50.00

Frans Vermeulen's Monera. Learn all about the Bacteria (inc. Bowel Nosodes) & Virus remedies. For Vision v2 only.

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