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Families - upgrade to latest version

Families - upgrade to latest version


Upgrade Families to the latest version 3!

:  at  £80.00  each

Upgrade your existing Families system to version 3.

Installs into a separate folder so your current Families will continue to run on your current computer.

Highlights of version 3

New Guided approach prompts you to analyse your cases in a structured way (using a Problems, Perceptions, Feelings and Reactions approach)

The traditional ‘free form’ case input approach has  also been enhanced by allowing you to see and search through the whole database of words and expressions

Analysis has been re-focused on detecting leading families

A streamlined, more informative and  educational interface has been introduced with information on each family in the system provided. Information on each family is now displayed on screen – allowing you to learn and differentiate between leading families

Over 100 families are individually detailed and their thematic themes and source words listed - a one-stop reference! All families data has been updated and enhanced by referencing recent publications by leading authors. Many new families have been added (see below)

Remedy information now supplied complete. Quick display of Keynotes also if you have the ISIS system installed

Remedies display has been enhanced by providing 3 different ways to view results

Optimized for touch screen interface with Windows 8

New Families have been added (compared to previous version of software)

  • Grasses (Poaceae, Graminae)
  • Carniverous plants (Nepenthales)
  • Bivalvia, Gastropods & Cephalopods
  • Turtles  & Tortoises
  • Crocodiles & Alligators
  • Lizards, Snakes & Dinosaurs
  • Butterflies, Bees, Aphids, Cockroaches, Beetles, Flies, Fleas.
  • Gems

On receipt of your order we will email you a download link and a Product License Key which you can use to permanently activate the software. You will be able to continue to use your previous version of Families on the same computer. When you change computer only the new version of Families can be activated.