Keyboard Shortcuts

Vision for Windows version 2 

General shortcuts

Alt+Q or F2 – Open repertories to browse
Alt+M or F3 – Open materia medicas to browse
Alt+W or F7 – Search
Alt+L or F4 – Open remedies list to browse
Alt+C or F10 – Open patient database
Alt+D or F5 – Open dictionary to browse
Alt+E or F6 – Open remedy compare (extraction) window
Alt+R or F8 – Repertorisation Chart
Alt+I – Insights
Alt+P or F11 – Preferences
Alt+O - Settings/Options
Alt+T or F12 - Themes
Alt+1 to 0 – Open clipboard(s) 1 to 10
Alt+X or Alt+F4 – Exit Vision
ESC – Close currently open window
Ctrl+N – Start a new case/repertorisation
Ctrl+O – Open an existing case/repertorisation
Ctrl+S  –  Save the current case/repertorisation

Repertory Browse shortcuts
Page Down – Scroll down rubrics to next ‘page’
Page Up – Scroll up rubrics to previous ‘page’
Downarrow – scroll rubrics down
Uparrow - scroll rubrics up
Home – Jump to start of current chapter
End – Jump to end of current chapter
Enter – Add the selected rubric to clipboard 1
Spacebar – Toggle display of remedies on/off
Ctrl+A – Select and highlight all rubrics currently displayed. Toggles as Deselect
Ctrl+B – Change repertory
Ctrl+C – Copy selected rubric(s) to the Windows clipboardCtrl+W or F9 – Open word search window within current repertory
Ctrl+F –  Search for words within chapter
Ctrl+H – Toggle Hierarchical repertory view on/off
Ctrl+Q – Select new repertory chapter
Ctrl+W – Find a word in current repertory chapter
Ctrl+Z – Undo a hyperlink jump and go back to previous rubric in Complete Repertory
Shift+F3 – Find next word in current repertory chapter
Shift + N – Jump to next repertory in tree list
Shift + P – Jump back to previous repertory in tree list

Clipboard shortcuts

Del/Delete - Delete selected rubrics
Spacebar – Toggle display of remedies on/off
Ctrl+A – Select all rubrics on clipboard
Ctrl+D – Delete selected rubrics
Ctrl+Z – Undo prior deletions

Repertorisation Chart shortcuts

Any alpha key(s) – find remedy in chart by typing rx abbreviation
Home – jump back to first remedy in chart
End = jump to last remedy in chart
Rightarrow – scroll chart to the right
Leftarrow – scroll chart to the left
Downarrow – scroll chart rubrics down
Uparrow = scroll chart rubrics up
Ctrl+C – Copy current chart screen to Windows clipboard as an image
Ctrl+P – Print chart

Materia Medica shortcuts
Page Down – scroll down to next ‘page’
Page Up – scroll up to previous ‘page’
Downarrow – scroll text down
Uparrow - scroll text up
Ctrl+F – Find a word in the current chapter/remedy