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Practical Repertory


Dr Pravin Jain's Practical Repertory for your Vision system!

:  at  £40.00  each

This repertory can be added to any Vision system. Once your order has been processed we will email you a code to upgrade your Hardware Dongle or Product Key (shipping of goods is not required)

Dr Jain's new repertory is exclusively available only with our Vision software. It aims to be a practical repertory rather than an index of every possible addition that could be made - as other modern repertories are moving towards. 

He has been tirelessly researching the use of repertory over many years, by examining over 10,000 cases and checking the case outcomes. The result is a brand new repertory that you can use with confidence.   

Only carefully curated remedies have been admitted into this repertory and always in keeping with their known and established 'disposition'. This reduces confusion and potentially improves results.

Chapters in this repertory are sequenced to provide you with a recommended priority with the more important chapters (e.g. Ailment from, Cause and Effect, Mind) listed before the less important chapters (particulars, locals).  There are also brand new chapters introduced to make accessing information much easier. Examples of new chapters are : Sensations, Locations, Tissues and Miasms, Cancer, Children, Infants, Constitution, Associated Diseases and Alternating Diseases.

To assist the homeopath in rubric selection similar terms have been combined into one rubric. This is a great time saver and, more importantly, helps reduce the possibility that you will select the wrong rubric.