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Lacs Repertory and Provings (Materia Medica)


Lacs Pack by Patricia Hatherly

:  at  £90.00  each

These indispensable remedies are provided in a traditional and comprehensive repertory format for use in Vision alongisde the full provings of each milk.  You can choose to add rubrics from the Lacs Repertory into your case alongside all other rubrics or you can work exclusively with the Lacs when you are sure the patient needs a Milk remedy.


Overall the work is extremely clearly laid out - both in the Repertory section and Materia Medica. Themes are well highlighted; and the author's own experiences with each remedy clearly shown. Included in the printed book and this pack are:

Ass (Lac Asinum), Camel (Lac Cameli Dromedarii), Cat (Lac Felinum), Cow (Lac Vacc & Lac Vacc Defloratum) , Dog (Lac Caninum), Wolf (Lac Lupinum), Dolphin (Lac Delphinum), Elephant (Lac Loxodonta Africana), Goat (Lac Caprinum), Horse (Lac Equinum), Human (Lac Humanum and Lac Maternum), Kangaroo (Lac Macropi Gigantei), Lion (Lac Leoninum), Llama (Lac Llama Glama), Pig (Lac Suis) and Sus (composite of Pig's blood, milk, saliva, and semen), Rabbit, (Lac Oryctolagus Cunicilus) Seal, (Lac Phoca Vitulina).

Additionally this pack in Vision contains : Sheep's milk (Lac ovinum)

Patricia has also provided every article ever written and publised on her website - these are called 'Milk Matters' and contain cases and additional valuable information on the milks. She has also provided her 'Physician's Guide To Lactation' as part of this pack as a very useful addition. 


"This work is the most comprehensive opus on the Lacs. The book will not only help all those doing research on the Lacs, but will help finding the right remedy for a patient when a Lac is being considered, a much easier task. It is a work which I wholeheartedly recommend."
Roger van Zandvoort (author of Complete Repertory)