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<!-- 007 -->Upgrade Complete 4.5 or Classics to Complete Repertory Full edition

Upgrade Complete 4.5 or Classics to Complete Repertory Full edition


Upgrade Complete Repertory editions v4.5 or Classics to the full edition of the Complete Repertory

:  at  £140.00  each

Upgrade an old version of Complete Repertory to the latest Full edition

This repertory can only be upgraded with a Vision system

For Complete Repertory 2016 a huge effort has been made to include the provings/toxicology symptoms from Trinks’Handbuch der Arzneimittel 1847 in 3 volumes, by taking the rubrics and remedies from the repertory section in the third volume and merging those into the Complete Repertory.

This work has resulted in over 275,000 source additions into Complete Repertory 2016.

In addition to Trinks’ work, around 760 more articles from the Homoeopathic Recorder and to a lesser degree from the British Homoeopathic Journal have been read and remedies from these have been added into the Complete Repertory 2018

Also as a reaction on a promise made during a repertory workshop with George Vithoulkas around the year 2000 in Alonnisos for those working on repertory, in which it was concluded that much more cured case-info should be added into the existing repertory material, - for this edition of the Complete Repertory nearly 3000 sources have been consulted since then to update the repertory with more cured material.

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