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<!-- 003 -->Upgrade ISIS v2 to Vision for Windows

Upgrade ISIS v2 to Vision for Windows


Upgrade your ISIS v2 system to the latest Vision and receive a new Vision installer DVD to use with your hardware dongle

:  at  £125.00  each

This product must be shipped to provide you with the latest Vision DVD. You must re-use your original hardware dongle.

After installation of Vision you must request a code to upgrade your dongle which will be provided by email.

Most books previously ordered for your ISIS v2 system will carry forward into Vision. The only books that will not carry forward are:

  • Old Murphy's Repertory edition 2.
  • Repertorium Universale

You may purchase Murhpy's edition 3 as an option and consider purchasing the more recent edition of Complete Repertory (as this has effectively replaced RU).

All your personal data can be backed up in ISIS v2 and copied to Vision

(Code : UPGVISION09)