Thank you registering for a 14 day trial of Vision. Please note that the Vision trial is not available in every country due to contractual and legal issues. If you were not able to select your country in the previous page this means a trial is not available in your country.

When the trial has been downloaded and installed you can run it immediately. Please note: the trial will run for 14 days from the very first time you run it. When you start the trial click the Continue button to enter Vision. If the Continue button is greyed out and cannot be clicked this means the trial has ended. You can only run the trial once on your computer. Trials cannot be extended or repeated on the same computer.
Downloading Vision
To download Vision click the button below that is approprate to your computer's operating system. You need to download the appropriate installation file first of all and then install it onto your computer. The download files are very large and can typically take 1 - 1.5 hours to download.
Once downloaded and installed, please start Vision and click the 'Continue' button when available to access the trial (note : you do not require a Product key to run the trial - a key is only required to activate permanently after purchase). If the Continue button is greyed out, this suggests that you have taken the trial previously : there is a restriction of one trial per computer.     

Vision for Windows

Runs on Windows 10 and 8.1. Does not run on Windows 7 (original version) or Windows 8.0 and Miccant cannot provide support should you install Vision v2 on these.
Vision v2 may run on Windows 7 if you have Service Pack 1 installed although this operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft. 
Click the button below to download from our primary site

Vision for Windows Alternate Download

Depending on your geographical location and how busy our servers are, the speed of the download may not be as fast as you would like. You may wish to try downloading from our alternate site.

Click button below to start. 

Vision for Mac

Click the button below to download MacVision.  Take special care on the next page to download the version of MacVision appropriate to your macOS.

Get Help

Should you experience any difficulties downloading or installing the trial please create a Support Ticket and we will try to assist you. The first time you click the Create Support Ticket button below please then click 'Sign Up' in the top right corner of the  page and verify your email before logging in to create a new ticket

Trial Contents

All features of Vision are available to be used in the trial with the restriction that no data or material can be saved or copied.

The following repertories are included in the trial:

  • Combined Repertory
  • Classic Repertories (Boenninghausen, Boericke, Boger, Phatak, Clark)
  • Complete Repertory (full edition)
  • Murphy's Repertory (3rd edition)
  • Sherr's Q-Rep
  • Practical Repertory
  • Meditative Repertory
  • Lacs Repertory

The Rhodium Library of materia medica is also included (344 volumes)

Here is a guide to Vision