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by Miccant - supporting the homeopathic community since 1980.

ISIS - Simply Sensational

Elegant design and powerful features helps you be more productive and get the best
results from your case analysis. ISIS combines both repertory, remedies and materia
medica into one easy to use system : Easy....Powerful......Elegant.
Please look at ISIS screenshots, read more information, compare versions and even watch video presentations.

Latest update available free of charge to registered ISIS users. Includes support for Jeremy Sherr's Repertory of Mental Qualities.

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Analyse cases using a families based approach.

Homeopathic software that will revolutionize your practice! Allows you to work your
cases and quickly see the leading homeopathic kingdoms and families. See the
most prominent remedies in the leading families to help you make a final choice.
No repertory - no materia medica needed!

Using information supplied by the world's leading homeopathic experts e.g. Rajan
Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Frans Vermeulen and others you can more easily work
in a families based approach.

Read about how Families can help with those cases that are not helped by
traditional approaches (e.g. repertorisation).

Why not take a free 14 day trial of Families and see for yourself?

Families is an ideal supplement to your current homeopathic software and can be
used alongside all the leading homeopathic software systems, such as ISIS, Radar and MacRep .