Release Notes for Upgrades to Vision

All upgrades are free to registered users of Vision who download and install for themselves (while Vision remains the current release). If you have an older version of Vision that will not install on your computer you may purchase a new installer DVD or USB stick for Vision from our online shop.

V1.0035 Released: May 2019

This upgrade provides support for Complete Repertory 2018 edition. If you have purchased this 2018 edition of Complete then you must also download and install v.10035 to gain access. 

Other books available for purchase with Vision are included in v1.0035 - these books are :

  • Practical Repertory and the Jain Pack of 4 books from Dr Pravin Jain India
  • Stotelers Miasmatic Repertory by Ewald Stoteler Netherlands
  • Lacs Pack (Repertory, Provings and Newsletter articles with cases) from Patricia Hatherly Australia
  • A collection of modern Provings from Jeremy Sherr. 

If you have purchased any of the above books you must upgrade and be running v1.0035 to gain access to them.

Various stability and performance improvements are also made in v1.0035.

Additionally :

Sherr's QRep repertory has been improved by removing some remedy duplications in the qualities.

It is now possible to simply copy an RTF document into the My Notes folder of your Vision installation - and the next time Vision starts it will recognise the new document and automatically add it in to your MM My Notes library. This new feature has been added so that users can receive new documents from Miccant or other colleagues and add them directly into Vision without having to download or upgrade anything else. The RTF format is a standard format – if you have Microsoft Word documents or Acrobat PDF’s you can open them in your preferred software and choose to save them as RTF documents for use within Vision. Alternatively you could use a free online conversion facility such as this :

So the next time a lecturer or teacher or friend has given you a nice chart or article, simply convert it to RTF format and drop it right into the My Notes folder of Vision.

We have also improved technical aspects of the Rubric Editing process in Vision to make it easier and more reliable.

V1.0033 Released: September 2016

(includes v1.0032)

Vision has been upgraded to Microsoft Framework v4. This means that when installing with Windows 10 no additional software needs to be downloaded from Microsoft to support Vision. This also means that those who do not wish to have their computers connected to the internet at all can still install and run Vision. The latest dongle driver software is included (for hardware dongle users) with full support with Windows 10.

Complete Repertory 2016 edition is released with v1.0033. You may purchasea lifetime license for  Complete 2016 to use with your Vision system. Complete Repertory 2016 is a major revision and adds lots of information from original sources dating back to the time of Boenninghausen and never previously included in any other English language repertory. 

QRep is upgraded in v1.0033. If have already purchased QRep for use with Vision then you will receive this new edition free of charge. Otherwise you need to  purchase QRep  to use with your Vision software. The new edition of QRep adds 5 brand new qualities : Big Ego, Birds and Flying, Fear Disease, Insects, Judgemental and adds lots of new remedies into the database. These new remedies are:

Colibri Hummingbird   -   African Grey Parrot   -   Red Kite   -   Egg of the Blue Peafowl   -  White Stork (feather only)   -   White Stork (feather and blood)   -   Mallard   -   Indian Spotted Eagle - Tangerine  -   Acacia Strap flower Mistletoe   -   Rocky Mountain Columbine   -   Lepidolite    -   Blue Tang Fish   -   Black Panther   -   Queen Bee   -   Nest of the Common Wasp   -  Shrill Carder Bee   -  German wasp   -   Cat Flea   -   Stag Beetle   -   Crab Louse   -   Black Fly   -   Blue Emperor Butterfly.

The top title bar of Vision now displays the version number you are currently running along with either your Dongle Id or your Product Key.

New web links have been added to the Help menu inside Vision. All of the video tutorials have been placed online now and you can access these from the Miccant Control Centre or from the Help menu inside Vision.

The Restore facility has been improved to cope with situations when you have saved your data in unusual places - and then want to migrate to a new computer (and those places do not exist on the new computer!)

An issue with the Repertorisation Chart Print Preview has been resolved

An issue with taking a rubric to the clipboard when clicking the Copy button has been resolved. Similarly, copying a repertorisation to the clipboard (so you can paste it into an email or into Word) has been improved.

We have streamlined Vision and implemented improvements should you wish to add notes to any rubric or if you decide to edit the rubrics themselves.

The Kingdoms filter on the Repertorisation Chart now allows intersecting rows (series) and columns (stages) to work appropriately.

The Miccant Control Centre has been changed as follows:

  • Our new Remote Support facility has been integrated

  • Background music now plays (if required)

  • Video tutorials now accessed online

 Remedy classifications

The following remedies have also been added to the Vision database. These are all used in the latest edition of Complete Repertory  



Common Name


Lyme Disease Bacteria


Sparteine alkaloid


Alkaloid of Cina


White rot saprobic fungus


King Cobra


Caustic Soda (Lye)


Red Spitting Cobra


Egyptian Cobra


Rabbit Milk


Ring necked spitting Cobra


Guinness beer


Cysteine amino acid

We have updated all Scorpion remedies in the Vision database. From a Kingdoms and Families perspective they are now all consistently classified as follows:

Kingdom : Animals
Class 1 (Phylla) : Arthropods
Class 2 (Class)  : Arachnids

and all are grouped under the Families filter of Scorpions.

The Fig group of remedies have been reviewed and classified as follows: 

Class : Moraceae
Family for filtering: Mulberry

The remedy Anethum Graveolens (anet-g) common name : Dill has been re-classified as an Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)

The remedy Artemisia tridentate (art-tri) common name : Sage brush has been re-classified as  an Asteraceae (Compositae).

The remedy Balsamodendron mukul (balsa) common name : Guggul tree, has been re-classified as a Burseraceae.

The remedy Centaurium umbellatum (cent-u) has been renamed to Centaurium erythraea and re-classified as belonging  to the Gentianaceae family.


V1.0031 revision 4  (August 2015)

Password protection
You can now set a password to protect your Vision system. The Help menu offers this new feature.

This may prove useful in order to keep any confidential case data secure if your computer is in a public place or if your computer needs to go offsite for repair. Make a careful note of your password as, once set, you will need to type it in each time to gain access to the Miccant Control Centre and/or ISIS itself.

To remove any password simply access this feature and type nothing into the password field(s)

If you forget your password you will need to email [email protected] in order to obtain further assistance

Repertory Chart Quick Print
Vision now displays a Printer Setup screen immediately prior to printing. This allows you to change the page orientation to Landscape (if desired) so that more data can be quickly printed on one sheet of paper

Print Preview
In all parts of Vision where data can be printed, a new improved Print Preview facility is provided. This allows you to quickly see which pages to print and allows you to make your printer settings as appropriate

Improved automatic patient case saving
If you are working on a case via the Patient records part of Vision then should you choose to quit Vision the system will now automatically save the patient case repertorisation and rubric data for you (previously you had to remember to return to the Patients records section to save)

Also when working on a case in this way the toolstrip options to ‘Open’ and ‘Save’ case are greyed out– this helps prevents cases from being 'double-saved' by mistake (has happened!!)

Backing up and Restoring cases
Improved handling of cases previously backed up in different folders that no longer exist is provided. Also caters for
cases that have been duplicated using the same case name in different folders in their computer and then taking a backup (resulting in duplicates).

Vision now restores all saved cases into the default isisvisioncases folder if the original folder no longer exists

Improved display of MM Text
Some materia medica text did not word wrap correctly on certain screen resolutions. This has now been improved to work in all situations.

Hierarchic Repertory View
Jumping between rubrics at the top level now jumps much quicker. (our German testers will certainly appreciate this improvement)
When working in Hier rep display if you repertorise a case and you close the programme without saving the case, Vision will now ask if you wish to save your case

Network Path
The Help menu provides a new item ‘Network Path’. This lets you set a new folder on your system that can serve as the primary location for saving of all patient cases and records (previously Vision would always default to the cases sub-folder when saving

If you change away from cases to a new folder (which can be anywhere on your computer and network) this will automatically re-locate any and all existing files to the new location. This location can even be a shared folder location used for Cloud Backups so that you can save all you data in that folder (which is then automatically backed up by whichever cloud storage they use)

Software or Dongle protection (for new users only)
Vision now allows either a dongle or a software license key activate the system. Using a software license key ties the use of Vision to a specific computer and offers the convenience of not having to install and maintain dongle software or to have the dongle connected. Existing users with a dongle are unaffected by this change.

Want to compare the differences between using a Software Key and a Dongle?

V1.0030 Released: June 2014

  • Add your own Notes to any rubric in any repertory. (Right click selected rubric and choose Add Note)
  • New Quick Print option added to the Repertorisation Chart screen – instantly prints the analysis chart onto 1 piece of paper without the need to preview and select pages. Also if you have saved a case file/repertorisation to disk then the name you used will now be printed on the chart.
  • The display of materia medica books has been improved to cater for different screen resolutions.
  • If you set your Windows screen to display in 'Large Fonts' ISIS will recognise this and adjust accordingly 
  • When exiting ISIS you will now only be asked if you wish to save the case if the rubrics you put on a clipboard have not already been saved.
  • Complete Repertory 2014 has been released. This repertory is a chargeable feature you can purchase for use with your Vision system. If you purchase Complete Repertory 2014 or an upgrade then you must download v1.0030 to use it.

This upgrade also contains all of v1.0029 which included the following:

  • Alternative method to save 'work in progress' implemented (no more Temp save error messages displayed)
  • Typing remedy abbreviations when using the Rems tab now works more quickly and efficiently
  • Repertorisation is now faster and the screen flickers less when displaying the analysis chart
  • Users converting from Macrep can now paste their Macrep cases directly into the Vision clipboard

V1.0028 Released: April 2013

Sherr’s Repertory of Mental Qualities released with this version (this is a chargeable option. To purchase the QRep for your Vision system please click here).

Corrected many typos and duplicated remedies in Murphy’s Repertory (3rd edition)

Included new approved Dongle Driver Software for use with Windows 8

Includes test for and installation of Microsoft Dotnet Framework v3.5

Royal Repertory and MM (German language only. This is a chargeable option)

v1.00.0027 Released April 2012
(also includes previous version 1.0026)

This release contains several minor improvements and also resolves all issues reported to us.


The Authors suppression option in Repertory has been improved. You can now select blocks of authors to move to the Exclude list (in Options, Authors). Click the 1st author, press and the Shift key and click the mouse on the last author to select a block. Then move to either side as required. As the new Complete Repertory 2012 (see below) has a contributing author for every remedy in the repertory, you could for example, exclude every author except 1 Hahnemann and 5 Bonninghausen and you will then only see a repertory comprised of the most original repertory sources there are!

On the rubric clipboard you can now set a weighting for any rubric to 0 (Zero). This retains the rubric on the clipboard but tells Vision to ignore all remedies within it from repertorisation. Think of this as a ‘temporary delete’ option from an analysis.

When you remove a rubric from a clipboard the red tick will now be immediately removed from the main repertory display screen.

If you add your own rubrics into a repertory and you work using the Hierarchic view of the repertory Vision will now immediately display your additions and changes (previously you had to stop and re-start Vision)

Bird remedies have been re-classified within Vision. Now when repertorising, comparing remedies or looking at the families within rubrics all the members of the Bird family will be included

The very last cross reference displayed for a rubric in Complete Repertory was previously slightly obscured. We have improved this to ensure all cross references are fully readable on screen.

To help those using web based email we have improved the Dongle Code updater software (RVD) so that it processes web based email codes more easily.

The Remote Support facility has been changed and improved.

More provings (English language) - a 7th volume of provings has been released to add to the resources in your Vision. These are freely provided to all Vision users. The new provings contain:

Balsam Fir, Great Wall of China, Condor, Helix Tosta (Snail), Jupiter, Kgaba (Pitocine), Prickly Ash, Uranium, Wollemia nobilis

And each contains the text and any images in full exactly as the author supplied them

Complete Repertory 2012 edition. The 2012 edition of the Complete Repertory is supported by v1.0027.

Enhancements made this year include:
- About 15,000 additions from contemporary Homeopathic Magazines like Homeopathic Links, Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie, Homöopathie Konkret, Homöopathie Zeitschrift and hundreds of additions from internet magazines like Interhomeopathy.
- New remedies added:

Arecin-br (Arecolinum hydrobromatum)
Caesal-s (Sappanwood)
Carli-g (Atractylis gummifer Thistle)
Coffin-cit (Caffeine)
Dab-r (Russell’s viper)
Dermat-p (House dust mite)
Dinitrob ( Nitrobenzene)
Esin-s (Esirinum supluricum)
Lac-l-g (Llama’s Milk)
Leuc-c (Kgaba, African Pitocine)
Leyc-f (Himalayan Honeysuckle)
Nat-glt (Monosodium glutamate MSG)
Trachy-a (Caraway seeds)

Hundreds of thousands of additions from John Henry Clarke's Clinical Materia Medica of mainly the smaller remedies have been added into CR2012. This work was started in CR2011 and has been completed in CR2012.

 Items Resolved

Several reported items have been resolved in this release. All were minor issues that most users will have not been aware of.

Murphy’s Repertory – yet more typographical and truncation errors in the source materials have been identified rectified (these affected the General, Head and Mind chapters)

Complete Repertory 2010 – the Fever & Perspiration chapters are now correctly displayed in the repertory ‘tree’ on the left side of the screen.

v1.00.0025 Released April 2010

Enhancement to Materia Medica Display
This version contains an improvement to the display of materia medicas. Now, when the MM Preference is set to ‘Page’ view, borders will appear around each page and the text as supplied will be displayed clearly without the need to scroll.

Should you need to make the text font size bigger and you make the text too large to be displayed in the screen display area then use the FULL button supplied on the bottom of the screen.

Complete Repertory 2010
This version of ISIS contains all the files for CR2010 English and German (these are chargeable books)

New German Language Books
This release provides the following books/packs for German language users (these are chargeable options):
Bonninghausen Pack
Allen, Boericke, Kent and Farrington from Narayana Publishers

v1.00.0024 Released January 2010

This version contains the following:


If you increase the font size of mm text to aid readability then it may get too large to be displayed. ISIS then displays a scroll bar so you can use your mouse to see all of the text. You can also try to use the divider bars at either side of the text which may help.

As a further aid we have now added a Full button displayed at the bottom of the screen whenever materia medica is displayed.

This is intended to make the reading of graphics in the materia medicas much easier. If you have increased the size of the text and it does not fit onto the standard display area then clicking FULL will allow the book text to fill the entire screen. Click the Close button or press the ESC key to return to normal viewing

Improved Patient records

a. Visit/Consultation changes are now saved automatically

b. If you click the New icon in Vision with a patient already active then the details are automatically saved and a message displayed:

ISIS has saved all details for your previous patient. Click OK to start work with a new case

c. If you have entered Vision via the Patients icon then the Open and Save commands have been disabled. A message is displayed:

As you have a patient active you cannot use this function. Click the Patient icon to save the case and return to patient details. If you wish to stop working with the patient record then click the New icon to begin a new case

d. In a Patients Consultation record you can now type in any Remedy, Potency and Frequency you like. You can continue to use the existing drop down choices. If you type in a new entry Vision will automatically save it so you can re-use it in the future.

Digital Remedy Libraries

Attempting to play a digital rx when the library Is not installed will cause Vision to prompt for automatic downloading

Changing Repertory Book and Chapter easily

To quickly change the repertory using the keyboard press the ALT + R keys together. Type in a letter or 2 to identify the desired repertory (or use the up and down arrows) and press the ENTER key. Vision will change repertory for you

To quickly change chapter using the keyboard press keys ALT + C together or the F2 key. A graphical display of all chapters in the current repertory will be displayed. You can then use the mouse or keyboard (by typing in a letter or two) to jump to a new chapter.

Note: This screen can be re-sized by you by dragging any corner to your desired size. Whatever size you change it to will be remembered by Vision the next time you use this facility.

You may also change the size of the icons to suit your display tastes


On any Clipboard you can now use a quick ‘Clear all clipboards’ function which deletes all rubrics from all clipboards with no questions asked. Edit menu Delete rubrics from all clipboards and keystroke CTRL + D will effect this option

Repertory Search

After a search of all Repertories with ‘All Results’ chosen, if you now click on a Repertory name in the ‘repertory tree’ on the left side of the screen, the rubrics will be filtered and reduced to display only rubrics from that repertory (previously you had to click on a chapter to do this)

Hierarchic repertory view

As several repertories have rubrics that are not in strict alphabetical order you can now press the / key (# for German language users) to jump down the rubrics.

As an example if you are in the Mind chapter and type in F Vision will jump to the first rubric beginning with the letter F. Now you can press the / key and Vision  will jump to the next rubric beginning with the letter F.

In fact you can type whatever letters you like to position within the chapter and then press / to jump down.

Miccant Control Centre

A new checkbox option has been added to the Miccant Control Centre (on by default) that makes the MCC close itself when you clicks Start Vision (rather than staying on the background)


The Kingdoms classification has been improved throughout to show Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi as separate kingdoms. All associated rx have been correctly classified. All Lanthanide rx have been added.

English Language Optional New Books

This new version now supports the use of these fine books:

1. Scholten Pack 2 – containing the Lanthanides, Wadstories 1 and Wadstories 2

2. Vermeulen Pack 2 – containing Monera (Bacteria & Viruses) and Fungi

3. Kulkarni Pack – Select Materia Medica, Posology, Kalis and Similiars

4. Sankaran Sensation Pack 2 – containing Insights vol 1 and Insights vol 2, Sensations and Schema

German Language New Books

1. Remedy Relationships are now all in the German language

2. Complete Repertory German Full 2009 and Complete Repertory German Classic 2009 are both released

Other works are supported by v1.0024 but are not yet released. They are:-

a. Stapf Archiv
b. Bonninghausen Pack (orig Taschenbuch with Polarities and Hauptwirkungen MM)
c. Additional modern materia medicas

Bugs Corrected
1. Various items fixed.
2. Murphy’s Rep edtn 3 has been revised with all reported display errors removed

v1.00.0023 Released January 2009

1. Support for the 2009 editions of Complete Repertory
2. Support for the ISIS Digital Remedy Libraries

Both of the above are chargeable options for the ISIS Vision system.

Substantive enhancements that have been made to ISIS.

1. You can now set a clipboard to be the default clipboard that all rubrics are taken into (i.e. not always Clipboard 1) by using either the Right click button of the mouse on the clipboard you wish to be the default or you can press Shift and Left click of the mouse together on the clipboard (useful for Mac users!).

A border is displayed around the clipboard you have changed to indicate it is the new default. Then if you double click any rubric it will be taken directly into the highlighted clipboards.

You can make more than one clipboard active at once and furthermore you can change the active / default clipboards as you go along, useful if you're trying different repertorisations, and any rubrics clicked will go into the active clipboards. Furthermore you can set the preferences individually in each clipboard.

2. We have made a slight change to the way that author data is displayed when you click on a remedy in the repertory. Now you should right click a remedy when viewing the repertory to see author details or alternatively you Mac users can press the Shift key and click the mouse at the same time.

3. When using the Hierarchical repertory view, changing chapters after using the new Repertory button on the bottom of the screen works correctly at all times.

4. Saved cases containing ‘combined’ rubrics are now correctly displayed when re-opened.

5. In the new Patients screens:

a. If you click New Consultation, Vision will now ask if you want to copy rubrics from the previous consulation. This allows you to work more easily with the previous repertorisation

b. German language users reported a problem whereby choosing a frequency of “drei... taglich" caused a problem in subsequent repertorisations. No longer!

6. An extra (unwanted) number was being copied whenever a repertory rubric was copied to the Windows Clipboard. Now it isn’t.

7. Clicking on the white space beneath clipboard C10 caused problems. Now it doesn’t.

8. When copying rubrics to the Windows clipboard formatted rubrics and remedies are now copied. You can copy rubrics from the main Repertory Browse display or any Clipboard. Changing your Preferences on the clipboards now works correctly in all situations.

9. The scroll bar on the repertorisation chart no longer blinks

10. The Backup utility now saves all images stored in the cases and caseimages folders

11. The text display of the options on the ‘Wizard’ have been improved to aid readability on most screens

12. If you click on the cross reference symbol when using Complete Repertory, the first rubric in the list is now automatically highlighted for you.

13. We have improved the handling of cross references in the Complete Repertory so that the symbol does not get displayed unless there are actually cross references for a rubric.

14. Improved materia medica word searching:

Performance improvements have been made when using the Synonyms and/or Stemming settings when searching for words.

To achieve these performance improvements we needed to re-create the file of Synonyms Vision uses (file name XREF.DAT) and this updated file version has been included in this release. It will overwrite the existing xref.dat file – therefore if you have made significant amendments to this file take a secure copy before installing this release and then restore it back afterwards.