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Vision - special offer price

Vision - special offer price


Vision software for Windows or Mac - download edition.

Version of Vision required:

Quantity:  at  £199.00  each

The full Vision software system. This edition includes all the fabulous features and the full software interface of Vision.  The following repertories are included:

Combined Repertory 

Derived from Kent's Repertory with additions from the same sources used in the Synthetic Repertory plus additions from reliable modern authors such as Vithoulkas, Sherr, Sankaran, Norland, Grey etc etc.

This is an ideal repertory when you want to combine the classic repertory style of Kent with Hahnemanian recent provings. 

Classical Repertories:

  • Boericke Pocket Book
  • Boger General Analysis
  • Boenninghausen Repertory
  • Phatak Repertory
  • Clarke's Repertory

No materia medica are provided with this product. However you can add additional repertories or materia medica books to your order. Please see the options featured at the bottom of this page or browse our shop and add items to your shopping basket.

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