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Sherr QRep + Provings Bundle


Jeremy Sherr's QRep and Provings for Vision

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An amazing bundle for your Vision system.  Purchase Jeremy Sherr's QRep and his Provings volume together for a great saving!


Qrep provides a set of 34 Mental Qualities. Each quality contains every remedy taken from all the rubrics and themes associated with the quality. There are many remedies associated with each quality - each hand checked by Jeremy's team for accuracy. The list includes many newly proven remedies that are not yet present in any other repertory.

Vision provides a graphical interface to the QRep for enhanced ease of use. Please see the presentation below for more information. Repertorisation is quick and easy. Simply choose which qualities you observe in a case and Vision will analyse and display the remedies that cover all of these qualities.

Why you need this repertory! You can be confident that once you have chosen all the qualities in your case, the required remedy wil definitely be in the list of those remedies displayed! You will never lose the indicated remedy by making a mistake with rubric selection. QRep is an essential shortcut to selection of mental rubrics – there is no need to decide on the exact mental rubrics to use as the qualities have been carefully constructed by Jeremy to be the ones you see over and over again in your practice.



In this volume Jeremy has merged together many provings previously published as seperate books all into this amazing combined volume. Although some are very new, some are older but for all of these older remedies Jeremy has revisited each proving, made amendments and corrections, added cases and made more observations.  

Some of the provings have never been published commercially and so you are able to read these for the first time!

In Vision we have worked hard to try to preserve as much of the original formatting, and especially images, as possible. The result makes for a very readable set of provings when you want to simply browse and read them through. Of course Vision also supports word searching of all the provings! 

Whenever these remedies are displayed in your repertorisation chart (or if you simpy wish to learn about them) you can easily click each remedy to open, browse and learn all about it. You can quicly access all if the Themes running through each proving to decide whether your patient might need this remedy.

In Vision the provings have been combined into several volumes for ease of access, and these volumes are:- Introduction, Animals, Birds, Gems, Gases, Metals, Plants, Radioactives and Trees which comprise 27 remedies in total.

Jeremy has also provided the full text of his Methodology textbook in the Introduction volume for those people who are interested in the whole subject of provings.

The Remedies 

Americium (amer-n)
Argon (argo)
Boabab Tree (adan) 
Californium (cali-m)
Chocolate  (choc)
Deer - Fallow (dama-da)
Diamond (adam)
Eagle (haliae-lc) 
Gallium (gall)
Germanium (germ)
Hafnium (hafn)
Helium (heli)
Hydrogen (hydrog)
Iridium (irid)
Jade (jade)
Krypton (kryp)
Neon (neon)
Olive (olea)
Poke Root (phyt)
Pole Star (polar)
Plutonium (plut-n) 
Rapeseed (brass)
Salmon - Pacific (onc-t)
Sapphire (saphh) 
Scandium (scan)
Swan - Whooper (cygn-c)
Toad (bufo)
Yew - English Tree (tax)

Here is a screenshot of the remedy Dama dama in Vision:


and another of Sapphire:



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