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<!-- 003 -->Trade-in Hardware Dongle for Product Key (Software Code)

Trade-in Hardware Dongle for Product Key (Software Code)


Return your Hardware Dongle and trade-in for Product Key

:  at  £60.00  each

Purchase this product if you want to run Vision using a Product Key (Software Code) instead of your Hardware Dongle.

We will email you when this order has been processed and your new activation is ready to be used.

This provides the convenience of not having to use a Hardware Dongle on your computer.

You must return your Vision Hardware Dongle to us in working order. Please return to:

Miccant Ltd
14 Mulberry Close
West Bridgford
Nottingham. NG2 7SS
United Kingdom

We strongly suggest you obtain compensation insurance of UKP100 from your Postal Service or Courier to protect you against loss or damage during shipping.