Downloads for Vision for Mac

Our Upgrade Policy

All Vision upgrades are provided free of charge to registered users of Vision who download and install for themselves (while Vision remains the current release). 

If you are experiencing difficulties downloading Vision for Mac then we strongly recommend you purchase an up to date installer USB from our online shop. Click here to order an installer on USB stick that contains the latest version of Vision for Mac.

Latest upgrade - Vision for Mac

The most recent upgrade available for Vision for Mac is v1.009. This upgrade can be applied to any previous version of Vision for Mac. Never install this upgrade unless you have previously installed the full MacVision system previously. 

Click the button below to start downloading and refer to the instructions provided.

Installing Upgrades

  1. Click the button above to start downloading.

  2. Once the download is complete open the Downloads folder on your Mac.

  3. Double click on the Zip file you have just downloaded. Your Mac will then 'expand' the zip file and after it has finished the new v1.009 app will also be in your Download folder.

  4. Drag the new Vision app from your Downloads folder into the same folder as you originally installed Vision into. Usually this be the Applications folder. When prompted, instruct your Mac to 'replace' the previous version of Vision which should be in your Applications folder.

  5. Start Vision from your Applications folder as normal (if any books have been distributed with this upgrade Vision may take a little longer than usual the first time it starts while it copies over and organises any updated books).